Mark Sneddon & Simon Kennedy, in The Spectator.

“Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense during the administration of George W. Bush, famously spoke of different kinds of knowns and unknowns. He was speaking of military intelligence, and about what informs decision-making at a strategic level. The same kind of talk could be used for public policy.

With the imminent passing of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in Victoria, there are some things we know. We know that there are tired politicians. They debated long and hard. People on both sides of the argument worked tirelessly toward their legislative goals. We know that once the amended bill passes the Legislative Assembly (which it is almost certain to), and it is signed into law, some people will choose to end their lives legally rather than face the prospect of suffering due to life-threatening illness. This outcome will be applauded by some, and not by others. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are divisive issues.”

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