Mark Sneddon quoted in The Australian:

“Christians Plan to Target Coalition” by Simon Benson, 8/8/17

“Institute for Civil Society executive director Mark Sneddon, a board member of Freedom for Faith, yesterday warned there were holes in Australia’s discrimination regime that would be exacerbated by the legislation of same-sex marriage.

He called for urgent changes to strengthen religious freedoms, noting that in NSW, South Australia and federal jurisdictions there were still no protections for people under anti-discrimination laws on the basis of their religious belief or practice.

“I’m very concerned about it,” Mr Sneddon said. “This has also had an implication for charities which also have a religious basis for example … Every Catholic adoption charity in England and in Wales has either closed down or transferred its business to a secular adoption agency.”

Mr Sneddon said this was a much broader problem than the narrow religious protections ­offered in Senator Smith’s private members bill, which allows civil celebrants to decline to marry same-sex couples and religious ­organisations the right to refuse their facilities for use in same-sex weddings.”

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